Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot Network

Staying in touch: Red Dot Network unites international design scene

Stable relationships are essential to act successfully on the market. Establishing contacts with opinion leaders and decision-makers, broadening the horizon, developing innovative ideas and gaining access to other’s knowledge – a high quality network offers these benefits. Either for the career start or for its progression: A community that provides assistance can be helpful in various situations.

Most renowned design competition worldwide

The Red Dot Network offers such as communion to companies, agencies, designers and industry experts. The long history of the Red Dot Award has not only created a network that unites the big names of the design industry, but also a knowledge pool which cannot be surpassed in terms of versatility: Red Dot’s success story started in 1955 when products were awarded a prize for their good design quality for the first time. This was followed by two autonomous competitions for communication design and design concepts in order to completely cover the range in the design sector. Today, the Red Dot Award receives more than 18,000 submissions from around 70 nations per year. The number of participants, the quality of the distinction as well as the management of three museums, one specialist publisher and several online portals make it the most renowned design competition worldwide.

Networking platform and knowledge pool

Big names of the industry as well as newcomers, students and jurors of the award became companions over the years. The Red Dot Network aims at bringing these interest groups together and helping them to network. But this is not the only advantage: The members of the platform gain access to exclusive information materials which grant valuable insights into the development of the industry. Among these are profound analyses, interviews, portraits of agencies, companies and designers which were successful in the competition as well as details on more than 20,000 award-winning products, communication design projects and prototypes. Apart from this, members profit from numerous benefits with regard to the award: For example, they get two free registrations and preferential treatment when booking tickets for events. Furthermore, they can use the Red Dot Network Label on all communications materials.