Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2020

Final Judging








In this page, you will see

  • The categories you will be judging
  • The number of entries in each cateory
  • A link to select the nominees for Red Dot: Luminary
Viewing and Scoring entries

Viewing and Scoring entries

Click on a thumbnail to begin scoring.

After you have scored an entry, the category page will show which entries have been scored and its score below the thumbnail.




A pop-up will open to show the first page of the entry and the scoring panel.

The scoring panel will give you the:

  • Entry ID of the project
  • Name of the project,
  • Whether it is a Concept or it is Ready to launch
  • Category


Click the left and right arrows to view the other pages.


Click on the image to view a larger version of the page.




Some of the entries will include videos, click on the "Play" symbol to begin viewing.

To score:

  • "0" represents abstention from judging due to involvement in the project
  • "1" denotes that the project not recommended for a Red Dot
  • "10" strongly recommends the project for a Red Dot
  • Save to close the pop-up
Red Dot: Best of the Best recommendations

Red Dot: Best of the Best recommendations

After you're done scoring the entries, click on the "Sort" button on the right of the page.




The entries will be sorted by score in descending order. 

You will see under each entry, a tickbox labelled "BOB.

Select up to 5 entries as your recommendations for Red Dot: Best of the Best for the cateogry. An entry can only be conferred the Red Dot: Best of the Best if it receives a nomination from all 3 jury in the jury group.

When you're done, click on "Save" at the bottom of the page. Save the page even if you decide not to recommend any Red Dot: Best of the Best for the category.

Nomination of Red Dot: Luminary

Nomination of Red Dot: Luminary

After completing scoring and making your Red Dot: Best of the Best recommendations, we will inform you when you can log back in to make your nominations for the Red Dot: Luminary. 

The Luminary Nominations page consolidates all of the selected Red Dot: Best of the Best awardees of each jury group. They are sorted by score, in descending order. Click on each thumbnail to view to entry boards.

Select up to 3 entries to nominate the Red Dot: Luminary. 3 to 5 of the entries with the most number of nominations will become the nominees of the Red Dot: Luminary