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125 Years of HSV

125 Years of HSV | Red Dot Design Award

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The design concept to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Hamburger Sport-Verein (HSV) illustrates its situation of change and its claim of being a soccer club with a long tradition but being a modern and cosmopolitan club at the same time. The corporate identity was developed in modular form and comprises four distinctive graphic elements that can be combined flexibly. Ideally suited for both a broad spectrum of media and different event occasions, it allows the core message of being a “traditional club in motion” to be reinterpreted flexibly and appropriately for each application. The added elements borrow from the diamond, the familiar brand logo of the soccer club and key element of the festive staging, and illustrate the anniversary in a clear formal vocabulary and with the rich appearance of gold, while the star is representative of the titles won. The individual applications, including club strip bags, a poster collection stylising the club’s outstanding football icons and the exclusive ticket box, are exemplary illustrations of the design’s modular deployment. Statement by the jury »The corporate identity represents the past and present of the HSV, merging nostalgia and a modern feel in a highly contemporary approach. The rich tradition of the club as well as the target group of club fans are equally reflected in it and acquire a noble character through the use of the colour gold.«

  • Client:
    Hamburger Sport-Verein e.V., Hamburg
  • Design:
    Mutabor Design GmbH, Hamburg
  • head of marketing:
    Joachim Hilke
  • head of advertising:
    Stefan Wagner, Tido Appelhoff
  • creative direction:
    Paul Neulinger
  • art direction:
    Tim Rotermund
  • design team:
    Ricky Korf, Marco Moccia
  • project management:
    Andreas Koch, Philipp Stamer
125 Years of HSV | Red Dot Design Award
125 Years of HSV | Red Dot Design Award
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