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1400 x Gallus

1400 x Gallus | Red Dot Design Award

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For the 1,400-year anniversary of the Swiss city of St.Gallen, this book retraces the sphere of activity of the holy Saint Gall, the founder of the city, and makes this information accessible to the public with the help of a detailed map. The book describes 1,400 places connected to Saint Gall as he had travelled to many areas. These places are marked on a map attached to the back of the book, while numbers situated next to the text refer to the points on the map. One side of the map shows Europe and the other side displays the region around Lake Constance.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Stiftsarchiv St.Gallen
  • Design:
    TGG Hafen Senn Stieger, St.Gallen
  • art direction:
    Dominik Hafen, Bernhard Senn, Roland Stieger