Red Dot Design Award
Sustainable Packaging

2015 Vodafone Devices Packaging

2015 Vodafone Devices Packaging | Red Dot Design Award

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The 2015 Vodafone devices packaging represents a radical departure from previous generations. Petroleum-based inks and non-recyclable glued lamination have been removed, while the percentage of material made from virgin forests was greatly reduced. In addition, the way in which the company’s new rhombus logo brands the box and stages the latest generation of phones was redesigned. The wrap-around design lends each box – that is 100 per cent recyclable and made from over 80 per cent post-consumer recycled materials – a fresh and contemporary look.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Vodafone Group Services GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • Head of Design:
    Daniel Schubert
  • Design Management:
    Felix Binder
  • User Experience Design Management:
    Luuk Beursgens
  • Product Experience Management:
    Peter Buckingham
  • Brand Identity Management:
    Elly l’Anson
  • Design:
    Studiomem, Munich
  • Product Design:
    Abigail Potié
2015 Vodafone Devices Packaging | Red Dot Design Award