2gram mask

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As a result of Covid-19, people have realised the importance of personal hygiene and protection. However, masks are still considered uncomfortable to wear. The team believed that if they could create a comfortable mask that could be worn for extended periods of time, it would benefit many people's overall health. As such, they attempted to create the world’s lightest mask that would give users the impression that they were wearing nothing on their faces at all. This design feat was made possible by Rymolay non-woven fabric, which is both lightweight and functional. However, 2gram is more than just a lightness-seeking mask. Despite the fact that the width of the area below the eyes and the jaw on a person's face varies, traditional masks are manufactured with the same width both above and below, resulting in looseness when worn. 2gram Mask has a trapezoidal shape with a narrower bottom for a better fit when worn. This design is a distinct differentiator because it improves both the mask's functionality and aesthetics. Furthermore, a stick-type package that represents the symbolism of 2gram Mask encapsulates the values of lightness and comfort. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Safety and Protection

Red Dot

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