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4 Habitats

4 Habitats | Red Dot Design Award

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Kolon, known as Korea’s main outdoor gear brand since 1954, is also an industrial manufac-turer whose flexible fibres supply large sectors of the fashion, automotive, digital media and military industries with base materials. Both the raw and engineered materials offer physical protection against climate and contamination, while enabling and innovating people’s lifestyles. In order to demonstrate the special qualities of the fibres and establish the brand’s global identity, the idea was to create a space from Kolon’s materials themselves in their raw, massive state. Spunbond was selected as the main material of choice due to its use of polymer chips that have been cooled, compressed and bonded into a climate-controlling, energyefficient web. Printed off the roll and hung, 160 layers of spunbond create four “habitats” of repeated human profiles that evolve and transform into one person at a time. Each of them explores the range of selves we inhabit, both as single and social beings, through colourful massive contours that reveal new angles with each step. The habitats are transportable and adaptable to their host venues.

Statement by the Jury

“4 Habitats” is marked by an artistic and poetic approach that activates the imagination of beholders. A two-dimensional icon is expanded into a three-dimensional walk-through installation that provides a fascinating experience: the installation consists of several layers that represent the special quality of the company’s fibres and invites visitors to walk through them and experience them hands on.

  • Client:
    Kolon Corporation, Gwacheon City, Gyeonggi Province
  • Design/Concept:
    Suh Architects, Seoul
  • Consulting:
    Imagine Group (Imagine Envelope, Imagine Structure, Transsolar)
  • Exhibition Design:
    Cheil Worldwide
  • Production:
    Aworks, Arnova, Cheonseong Adcom, Kwangmin Metal, Kitech
  • Account Management:
    Sejin Choi, Suh Architects
  • Structure:
    Holger Techen, Imagine Structure
  • Photography:
    Kisu Park
4 Habitats | Red Dot Design Award
4 Habitats | Red Dot Design Award