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50 Years of LOTTE Confectionery

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Published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of LOTTE Confectionery, founded in 1967, this publication is conceived as a storybook and a history book, revealing various perspectives and tracing the history of the company. Volume 1 tells exciting stories related to LOTTE’s major brands with the intention of documenting the company’s success in research, development and releasing new products. Volume 2 focuses on the company’s history and its role in Korea’s confectionery industry, all presented in chronological order. The books aim to celebrate the company’s anniversary together with customers.

  • Client:
    LOTTE Confectionery Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea
  • Design:
    Ahn Graphics, Seoul, South Korea
  • Project Management:
    Hyerim Kim, Design Marketing Center, Daehong Communications, Seoul, South Korea