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51st Gas-Union Annual Report

51st Gas-Union Annual Report | Red Dot Design Award

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Gas-Union is an enterprise with a clear commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources. This is reflected in the company’s annual reports. Each year, the editions present photographic studies of the impact that mankind has on our natural environment. The 51st report contains works by the artist Melanie Wiora. Only upon closer inspection does the viewer notice that the seemingly magic scenes are in fact the product of image editing. The aesthetic symbiosis of nature and technology occurs in the production of the report itself, in which two different types of paper – coated and uncoated – are used to separate its sections.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Gas-Union GmbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    PROKOP IDentity design, Wuppertal
  • Photography:
    Melanie Wiora
  • Printing:
    Stefan Oldendorf, Druckstudio
51st Gas-Union Annual Report | Red Dot Design Award