Red Dot Design Award
Calendar, Business Gift

A ruler that measures time

A ruler that measures time | Red Dot Design Award

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This innovative calendar for the year 2012 was commissioned by a woodworking company. It reflects the product world of the company in a surprising way thanks to a new approach in design. The calendar is based on the idea of taking a woodworkers’ folding rule made of wood and turning it into a calendar, adding markers for days and months and thus also alluding to the measurement of time. Featuring the logo of the client and also a leather sleeve, the calendar was used as a distinctive business gift for company customers and partners.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Bobič Yacht Interior d.o.o., Novo Mesto
  • Design:
    Grey Ljubljana
  • creative direction:
    Petra Krulc
  • art direction:
    Matija Primc, Petra Krulc
  • concept:
    Matija Primc
A ruler that measures time | Red Dot Design Award