Aachen Cathedral – 3D Fly-Through

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The Aachen Cathedral is the landmark of the city, more than 1,200 years old and is said to be the birthplace of modern Europe. At the heart of the new website is a virtual flying tour through this historic building, based on a 3D-scanned model. Special features like the Barbarossa chandelier were photographed using HDR technique and underwent extensive post-processing. The 3D flight can be experienced on PCs, tablets and smartphones as a scrolling HTML5 one-pager. The website thus invites users to explore the cathedral in an emotionally engaging manner.

  • Head of Development:
    Georg Meyer
  • Chief Executive Officer:
    Carlo Matic
  • Creative Direction:
    Max Widdra
  • Client:
    Power + Radach Werbeagentur GmbH, Aachen
  • Motion Design:
    Malaravan Thanabalasingam
  • Art Direction:
    Markus Karenfort
  • Project Management_/Concept:
    Martin Werwoll
  • Design:
    Interactive Pioneers GmbH, Aachen