Infographic Video


Back Download is a platform initiating the idea of suspended healthcare. It is a place where people who cannot afford to pay for their medical treatment can share their story – and where those who want to offer help can start their own fund. The video explains the concept by using apt and convincing storytelling and informative graphics with a human touch in a hand-drawn style. By comparing the act of lending a helping hand to those in need with meaningful innovations throughout the development of the modern world, this platform constitutes an innovative approach to motivating participation and encouraging donations.

  • Design:
    eMotionLAB Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Animation:
    Steven Chan
  • Graphic Design:
    Yorick To, Ivy Sin
  • Client:
    AbundantWhale, Hong Kong
  • Creative Direction:
    Mandy Tsang
  • Motion Design:
    Steven Chan
  • Text:
    Josie Cheng
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Anthony Liu