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The Acousticons campaign was created with the aim of bringing the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra and classical music in general back into the lives of youth. A messenger app lets users feel the emotional power of classical music by sending text messages that are enhanced by the philharmonic’s full orchestral accompaniment. In the cinema commercial accompanying the campaign, the Acousticons represent charmingly animated, emoticon-like note icons, different musical tempi and also the emotions associated with them.

  • Client:
    Philharmoniker Hamburg
  • Design:
    Draftfcb Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Dirk Haeusermann, Patrik Hartmann, Michael Okun
  • art direction:
    Vitali Nazarenus, Markus Schmidt, Semjon Janzen, Elena Balzer
  • text:
    Saemi Sebastian Bouchareb, Verena Kessler, Elena Praetze
  • film production:
    Estelle Bolin, Holger Siegle, onehousemedia, Optix Digital Pictures
  • music/sound design:
    Loft Tonstudios Hamburg
  • programming:
    Akryl Digital Agency
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