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ACQUA MORELLI | Red Dot Design Award

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Acqua Morelli is a spring water from the Italian Maritime Alps, a region that is characterised by a particularly low mineral content. This lends the natural spring water an exceptionally smooth taste. The packaging design underlines this unique selling proposition in both the Frizzante (sparkling) and the Naturale (still) versions. The deep-blue-coloured bottle boasts extraordinary contours. In addition, it features a sophisticated silver label and elaborate embossing for a comfortable grip.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    MBG International Premium Brands, Paderborn
  • Design:
    G-DN, Hamburg
  • Head of Marketing:
    Cord Hendryck Vinke
  • Project Management:
    Hedda Ohlmeyer, Anne Scholl
  • Creative Direction:
    Florian Gerdts