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With the aim to communicate the yet unknown Japanese automotive brand Infiniti in a targeted and concise way, this application uses an innovative incorporation of videos within image slide shows. These can be viewed without being further linked to another page. The application encompasses over 200 images and 360-degree animations offering the user video sequences with a length of more than 25 minutes. As official iPad application of the brand, it first appeared as an application extension of the Adeyaka print magazine in conjunction with the market launch in Europe.

  • Client:
    Infiniti Europe, Rolle head of marketing Andreas Sigl
  • Design:
    köckritzdörrich GmbH, Reutlingen
  • creative direction:
    Lutz Suendermann, köckritzdörrich GmbH
  • art direction:
    Thomas Schrempp, köckritzdörrich GmbH
  • customer advisory service:
    Christian Westenhöfer, köckritzdörrich GmbH
  • strategic planning:
    Berthold Dörrich, köckritzdörrich GmbH
  • programming:
    Sophistes GmbH