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As the customer magazine of the Japanese premium automotive brand Infiniti, Adeyaka portrays a brand world of multifaceted elegance. Dynamic colourfulness is combined with a focus on the essentials, with emotionally moving photo sequences supplemented by short texts. Conceived for a successful, confident and cosmopolitan target group, the magazine is divided into the sections “Lobby”, “Lounge” and “Gallery”. It utilises brand partnerships and offers further multimedia reading experiences on the Internet.

  • Client:
    Infiniti Europe, Rolle head of marketing Andreas Sigl
  • Design:
    köckritzdörrich GmbH, Reutlingen; SEIDLDESIGN, Stuttgart
  • creative direction:
    Lutz Suendermann, köckritzdörrich GmbH
  • art direction:
    Lutz Suendermann, köckritzdörrich GmbH; Wolfgang Seidl, SEIDLDESIGN
  • concept:
    Michael Köckritz, köckritzdörrich GmbH; Wolfgang Seidl, SEIDLDESIGN
  • customer advisory service:
    Christian Westenhöfer, köckritzdörrich GmbH
  • strategic planning:
    Berthold Dörrich, köckritzdörrich GmbH