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adidas gym

adidas gym | Red Dot Design Award

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The famous Olympic motto “faster, further, higher” has been slightly altered for the new adidas gym into “faster, brighter, better”. The walls of the company’s own gym are covered with colourful decorations made up of numbers and letters aimed at conveying the notions of energy, pulse and power. Up to ten metres tall, the graphic elements were not only conceived of as decorative wallpaper, but aim at communicating with the gym’s users as they warm up or chill, as the numbers and letters are also signs holding coded messages that can be deciphered. At first sight, they are just numbers and colours like the ones that appear on sportswear in most sports disciplines. A closer look, however, reveals – through the beads of sweat – the number 13, once worn by Gerd Müller for example, or the 10 and 23, which get the viewer to start wondering who they could stand for. Furthermore, in some rooms there are bright ideas to be found in the shape of huge illuminated numbers on the ceiling that invite visitors to think and muse about them.

Statement by the Jury

The oversized, brightly coloured letters and numbers on the walls of this gym embody a vibrant typography. The way the spatial and interior design pushes the disciplinary boundaries of signage systems, architecture and decoration represents a truly interesting solution. The concept does not aim at the dissemination of information or intend to act as pure decoration; it rather integrates both aspects into architecture, which thus acquires additional emphasis.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    adidas AG, Herzogenaurach
  • Design:
    büro uebele visuelle kommunikation, Stuttgart; ZieglerBürg Büro für Gestaltung, Stuttgart
  • Design Team:
    Carolin Himmel (Project Management), Andreas Uebele, Diane Ziegler
  • Photography:
    Brigida González
  • Architecture:
    agps architecture
adidas gym | Red Dot Design Award
adidas gym | Red Dot Design Award
adidas gym | Red Dot Design Award