Sustainable Packaging


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Since fragile items and goods in particular have to be well secured for transport, a lot of packing material is required in this area. This task is largely carried out by air-filled plastics. However, they tend to increase the amount of waste even further. Against this background, the ÄGGKOPP filling material for packages offers a sustainable packaging concept. Developed for IKEA Russia, it is produced from cardboard material that is left over on a regular basis in their local distribution centres and sales outlets. Reminiscent in its structure of honeycomb-like egg cartons, this filling material is flexible and effectively absorbs impact from the outside. It is easy to fold or bend and flexibly wraps around goods of any shape and size. It is made by simply shaping the existing cardboard using water and high temperatures. As an example of circular economic thinking, this packaging concept is both groundbreaking and biodegradable as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Begründung der Jury

Based on a brilliant creative idea, this concept demonstrates responsibility for the future of our planet. It shows how easy it can be to design an aesthetic product that can be recycled for reuse over and over again. The striking simplicity lies in the fact that the template of the egg garden has been around for long already. This has been implemented as a well-thought-out concept also in terms of functionality.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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