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Aero Cloud

Aero Cloud | Red Dot Design Award

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Aero Cloud provides good working areas for flight crew, necessary storage space, and a comfortable environment for passengers as well as easy-to-use in-flight equipment. Aesthetics-wise, the concept features an elegant design style of soft curvy lines to create a calm and tranquil environment. The luggage compartment and seat labels are lowered and integrated into the seat, making it more convenient. The passenger control is also simple to use as it integrates all the commonly used buttons into one touch screen, combining good design with sound engineering. In the cabin, a laser holographic projection projects a three-dimensional image, creating a dream-like atmosphere. The cabin uses an electronic display that consumes very little electricity to replace static signs. Aircraft portholes use new electrochromic material which enables the adjustment of the transparency by a touch of the hand on the porthole. The mood lighting system in the cabin simulates various types of lighting effects for long-distance flights and creates a comfortable atmosphere for passengers. Lastly, the reception area employs motion lighting effects so that the cabin looks more spacious.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Prof. Ren He
  • Design:
    Liu Jian, Luo Xiaoyu, Song Yumin, Wang Yuanhao, Xiao Lin, Yi Zhengzhuo, Yu Huan, Zeng Yongchen, Zhong Xinye
Aero Cloud | Red Dot Design Award