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AFTER NOW | Red Dot Design Award

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“After Now” is a well-selected guide through the neighbourhood surrounding the Tacheles building complex and presents Berlin-Mitte with its typical contrasting, cosmopolitan and traditional characters. The construction of new buildings in the area is the motivation for this curated documentation. How long is now? This question, which has adorned the firewall of the Tacheles since 2004, is the idea behind this book. The editorial team goes in search of the status quo of Berlin’s legendary city centre. The city’s typical contrasts are made tangible through snapshots taken from personal conversations as well as authentic photography. Thanks to the typographies and materials used, these contrasts are also reflected throughout the design.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    pwr development GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Design / Publisher:
    TPA Real Estate Brands GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Architecture:
    Herzog & de Meuron Basel, Switzerland
  • Concept:
    Lutz Grimm Sebastian Bühler André M. Wyst
  • Creative Direction:
    Sebastian Bühler André M. Wyst
  • Art Direction / Graphic Design:
    Leonardo Vocino
  • Photography:
    Maxime Ballesteros André Bohmeier Anke Schäfer Vivien Sorrentino
  • Editorial Work:
    Herzog & de Meuron Robert Grunenberg Sebastian Bühler Katrin von Raggamby
  • Final Artwork / Image Editing:
    Martin Weiske Horst Weber
AFTER NOW | Red Dot Design Award
AFTER NOW | Red Dot Design Award
AFTER NOW | Red Dot Design Award