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The book “AHA” unites Slovak folk embroidery patterns with contemporary graphic design. The eight chapters represent the eight regions of Slovakia, introducing embroidery traditions of the respective areas together with lyrics of a folk song typical of each locality. The objective of this book is to demonstrate the beauty of their own visual history to Slovaks, and to follow a modern approach in presenting Slovak traditions to a foreign audience. The book is published in English and Slovak, and it is marked by a high degree of craftsmanship and design complexity, which shows, for example, in the open spine and handsewn binding, as well as in the use of five kinds of paper and the mix of digital and offset printing. “AHA” was the official gift of the Slovak Republic at Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy.

Statement by the Jury

A modern interpretation of folk embroidery patterns – this book showcases it in a highly appealing and innovative way. The different types of paper, in part with punch-outs and laser cuttings, emphasise the special graphics and patterns so vividly that they appear as embroidery themselves. Designed with a love for detail, the concept is skilfully rounded off by gilt edging, an open binding and an embossed book cover.

  • Client:
    ahaslovakia s.r.o., Pova_ská Bystrica
  • Design:
    ahaslovakia s.r.o., Pova_ská Bystrica
  • Publisher:
    Tomá_ Kompaník
  • Graphic Design/Artwork:
    Tomá_ Kompaník
  • Printing:
    Radko Bovan, Polygrafické Centrum
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