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Air Restand

Air Restand | Red Dot Design Award

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Older dogs are prone to weakness in their hind legs, but they still need to spend time outside to maintain their well-being. Existing pet wheelchairs have many limitations such as the restrictiveness of hard metal and plastic and wheels that are large and prominent. Pets in wheelchairs also have a harder time socialising with other dogs. Air Restand’s design solves these disadvantages with wear-resistant airbags to support the dog’s movements by wrapping around the chest with straps that extend to the hind legs. It is soft, compact and lightweight enough to provide comfort when the dog is moving around. It is also convenient to put on; place the dog in the airbag and fasten the adjustable magic sticky on the back and hind legs. Air Restand helps old dogs stand up again and enjoy the rest of their lives.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Studio:
    Guangzhou inDare Design Limited, China
  • Design Lead:
    Su Meixian
  • Design:
    Chen Fengming, Chen Yujie, Chen Shaolong, Su Junxian
  • Design Partner:
    inDare Design Strategy Limited, China
  • Team Lead:
    Chen Qinglang
Air Restand | Red Dot Design Award
Air Restand | Red Dot Design Award