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Airbus Flying Green Experience Showcase

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The Airbus “Flying green experience” showcase aims to spread awareness of the current and future challenges in the aviation industry and conveys the Airbus vision of aviation in the year 2050. The highlight is an interactive scenario illustrating the Concept Plane and Concept Cabin. Visitors are invited to experience a flight in the Airbus Concept Plane, the centre of which is formed by a rotating, 3D-printed bionic model of the plane. Three interactive stations, which show a real-time 3D model synchronised to the airplane model, offer visitors more detailed information.

  • Client:
    AIRBUS Operations GmbH, Hamburg
  • Design:
    Mutabor Design GmbH, HamburgVRPE Team GmbH, Hohenbrunn
  • marketing management:
    Axel Becker, Tobias Mayer, Susanne Rötzel, Rainer Ristow, Bastian Schäfer, Nicolas Tschechne
  • creative direction:
    Patrick Molinari, Bernhard Wache
  • art direction:
    Neil Roth, Michael Wagner, Bernhard Wache
  • customer advisory service:
    Anne Wolkodaw
  • project management:
    Cordula Berchtold
  • design team:
    Lennard Niemann, Frank Renner, Florian Sattler, Hamid Dulovic, Max Toth