AL Market Private Label

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The Azeri supermarket chain AL Market sells many products for daily use under a private label. The comprehensive product range includes commodities such as grains, sugar, oil, juices, sausages, preserves etc. The new packaging design picks up elements of the already implemented new identity of the chain, turning them into purchase invitations: “AL”, one constituent of the logo (the Azeri word for “buy”) became the key visual of the packaging. Corresponding to the logo of the supermarket, which is based on a per cent sign, the logo constituent for “Market” is replaced with an image of the actual product now.

  • Design:
    Tomatdesign, Moscow
  • Creative Direction:
    Andrey Tarakanov
  • Strategic Planning:
    Farhad Kuchkarov
  • Design Team:
    Max Arbuzov, Sergey Galtsev, Marina Vlasova, Anton Krivulya