Alape Katalog 2011

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The Alape catalogue unites inspiration and information. The product portfolio of Alape is presented in the context of the new brand philosophy “emotional purism” and combines sensuality and objectivity into a harmonious whole. The photographs emphasise the geometric clarity and the emotional content of the products, technical sketches and material descriptions provide specific details. The transition from matte, coated to open paper enables the reader to feel the separation between both the inspiration and the information part in an optical as well as in a haptical way.

  • Client:
    Alape GmbH, Goslar
  • Design:
    Martin et Karczinski GmbH, Munich
  • creative direction:
    Peter Martin
  • art direction:
    Birte Helms
  • graphic design:
    Johannes Kemnitzer, Annabelle Lyhs
  • text:
    Wolfgang Wirsching