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Alape Trade Fair Stand ISH 2011

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The premium manufacturer of aesthetic washing area solutions presented itself with this elaborately designed trade fair stand for the first time at the ISH 2011 in Frankfurt/Main. Featuring clear elegant colours and an outward appearance of a black cube with white openings, one highlight of the stand was the multimedia Alape Brand Gate, a showcase of the company’s new brand identity which merges the two concepts of emotion and purism. As a metaphor for the connection of these two values, a pendulum with a height of several metres swung almost hypnotically between two large monitor walls to symbolise the development of the Alape products in stages of increasing complexity, starting with a point, through stripes and areas up to the room. These impressions were underlined by impressive electronic sounds providing visitors with a sensual experience, as well as a sophisticatedly staged introduction into the product range of the company by combining the clarity of geometric forms with emotions. Statement by the jury »The way Alape showcases itself stands out from what we usually see in this industry. The company ventures to present its approach in a challenging manner, highlighting the very essential: held in black and white with angular forms and an appearance of an almost clinical appeal, yet with a human touch and the products centre stage.«

  • Client:
    Alape GmbH, Goslar
  • Design:
    Martin et Karczinski GmbH, Munich
  • creative direction:
    Peter Martin
  • art direction:
    Birte Helms
  • motion design:
    Björn Matthes, Christian Begusch
  • architecture:
    Andrea Jürgens
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