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Alex Poulsen Arkitekter

Alex Poulsen Arkitekter | Red Dot Design Award

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Alex Poulsen Arkitekter (APA) was founded in 1944 by Danish architect Alex Poulsen, one of the most progressive architects of his time. Since Poulsen was appointed as supervising architect of the Danish Justice Department, the studio has developed particular expertise in creating governmental architecture. The new corporate identity was developed with the aim of both communicating the studio’s rich history and background, including their Nordic values and traditions, and lending it a professional, modern as well as innovative appearance. The new visual identity is based on space and building elements: the letters of the logo are transformed into individual building blocks with the letters themselves combined in such a manner as to create an austerely clear yet playful form. The new corporate identity thus gains an overall self-explanatory character, as it visualises the significance of architecture without the need to name it in words. Statement by the jury »The corporate identity of this architecture studio does not only represent typically Danish graphic design, characteristical for being clear, logical and reduced to the essential. It is also intelligent: it combines the letters of the studio into a minimalist arrangement, so that their form visualises a kind of brick, the classical structural element. Thus architecture does no longer have to be explained, but instead is illustrated through typography.«

  • Client:
    Alex Poulsen Arkitekter, Copenhagen
  • Design:
    Re-public, Copenhagen
  • art direction:
    Romeo Vidner
  • graphic design:
    Romeo Vidner
  • strategic planning:
    Morten Windelev
  • web design:
    Christoffer Hald
Alex Poulsen Arkitekter | Red Dot Design Award
Alex Poulsen Arkitekter | Red Dot Design Award
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