Red Dot Design Award

Alexander Ortlieb

Alexander Ortlieb | Red Dot Design Award

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The redesign of the corporate identity of the Alexander Ortlieb wood turnery is characterised by its pure, structured clarity and high aesthetic standard. The communication concept links Alexander Ortlieb’s artistic creativity with his contemporary and distinctive products. His great passion for working with wood, but also the purist and minimalistic finesse of his products are underlined by the deliberate use of as few design elements as possible, thus emphasising the interplay between photography and typography. The entire brand communication is bilingual (German and English), the brand profile is authentic and forceful in its recognition.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Alexander Ortlieb Holzwerkstätte, Bernau im Schwarzwald
  • Design:
    Uder Corporation, Mettlach
  • art direction/photography:
    Lisa Janina Uder
  • text:
    Rolf Tammen, Tammen GmbH, Osnabrück
Alexander Ortlieb | Red Dot Design Award
Alexander Ortlieb | Red Dot Design Award
Alexander Ortlieb | Red Dot Design Award
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