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The Allvit design is based on “beauty by itself” – traditional beauty unique to Korea which values life force and communication. Like a component of nature, it adapts to and harmonises with natural elements such as mountains, wind, rocks and rivers. The design motif is a lotus flower with a single drop of dew resting on its petal. This flower signifies the theme of beauty most succinctly since it is self-purifying, while the dew represents life-giving water, epitomising nature’s power to provide vitality overnight. Lotus leaves grow in muddy water, but rather than being contaminated by the water they in fact purify it. This process is similar to the human skin – full of tactile sensitivity and vitality. The dew formed on a lotus leaf is created through a reduction process by which the spirit and energy of the universe are condensed during a peaceful, moonlit night. This design introduces the image of an Oriental herb-based cosmetics line, created with utmost care. Statement by the jury »This packaging design is marked by a highly innovative overall concept. Particularly the idea of a lotus blossom with a teardrop, the sensitive colouring and the way typography is used make it stand out. Both the choice of materials and the form of the containers, which are pleasing to the touch, further contribute to the design lending the content a harmoniously visual correspondence.«

  • Client:
    Woongjin Coway Co., Ltd., Seoul
  • Design:
    Woongjin Coway Co., Ltd., Seoul
  • creative direction:
    Lee Won Hee, Cosmetic Design Team
  • product design:
    Kim Ki Su, Cosmetic Design Team
  • graphic design:
    Byun Hee Yun, Cosmetic Design Team