Red Dot Design Award

Anders Petter Backaryd

Anders Petter Backaryd | Red Dot Design Award

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This packaging concept was developed for Anders Petter’s series of high-quality kitchen products, ranging from cookery to dining items. Based on marketing goals, the design focuses on both preserving and fostering tradition. The contrast between product innovation and the 30-year-old Swedish heritage of this cookery brand is emphasised by the multi-functionality of the product range. The illustrative imagery is reminiscent of classic Swedish kitchens, while the logotype reflects the pride and joy of a food heritage originating from the country’s landscape.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Cervera AB, Täby
  • Design:
    Designkontoret Silver, Stockholm
  • art direction:
    Niclas Öster
  • concept:
    Jacob Bergström
  • graphic design:
    Sara Modigh
  • project management:
    Ulf Berlin
  • production manager:
    Maja Wetterberg
  • artwork:
    Monica Holm
Anders Petter Backaryd | Red Dot Design Award