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Android | Red Dot Design Award

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Consumer electronics can cause mental as well as physical illness. This poster series warns consumers through the use of expressive, dark images that the “Age of Information” is undermining human life. It combines the image of a man with a 3D model named “Android”, the cords of which symbolise consumer electronics, while the newspapers represent information. The colour saturation of the pictures is decreased and the man’s dark under-eye circles are emphasised in order to portray the look of someone visibly fatigued from the overuse of consumer electronics.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Asia University, Taichung City
  • Design:
    Ping-Chen Chen, Shun-Ming Yang, Ching-I Kuo, Wei-Ting Liao, Asia University
  • Supervising Professor:
    Prof. Chun Chun Hou
Android | Red Dot Design Award