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Anhalt. The Digestif.

Anhalt. The Digestif. | Red Dot Design Award

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Anhalt is an exclusive digestif made from sun-ripened pears. Launched as a strictly limited edition, this packaging design underlines the high quality of the spirit. Special details such as the hand-blown glass, the individually crafted walnut frame or the handmade stainless steel clasp make the product unique. The artistically draped bottle comes in a white gift box that is reminiscent of a bound book. The cover inscription, which reads “The Secret of Pear Trees”, raises the interest and appreciation of the target group. As soon as the box opens, the bottle together with a product description are revealed. A graphic showing a pear tree branch was used to decoratively enhance the transparent glass surface.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Anhalt Fruchtveredelung GmbH, Kusterdingen
  • Design:
    Loup Markenstrategie und Design, Stuttgart; Anhalt Fruchtveredelung GmbH, Kusterdingen
  • Creative Direction:
    Bärbel Bosch-Ernst, Loup Markenstrategie und Design Nicole Weng, Aalen Susanne Zellmer, Loup Markenstrategie und Design
  • Graphic Design:
    Carina Rothbächer, Loup Markenstrategie und Design
  • Direction:
    Volker Anhalt, Anhalt Fruchtveredelung GmbH
  • Art Advice:
    Betina Panek, Tübingen
Anhalt. The Digestif. | Red Dot Design Award
Anhalt. The Digestif. | Red Dot Design Award