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Anne Korn Ringe E-Shop

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The Anne Korn online ring shop welcomes visitors with large-scale images and an emotive design. In contrast to most conventional online shops, this website more closely resembles a lovingly decorated window display for exclusive rings. The innovative product presentation on the front end, which integrates Flash technology, is complemented by complex data structures on the back end. The online shop currently presents the ring collections of seven designers in countless variations – united here and made available for sale.

  • Client:
    Anne Korn e.K., Stuttgart
  • Design:
    21TORR Interactive GmbH, Reutlingen
  • art direction:
    Marion Stolz
  • concept:
    Stefanie Ganz, Marion Stolz, Andreas Bauer
  • graphic design:
    Marion Stolz, Alexandra Steinert, Martina Zschornack
  • project management:
    Sarah Wetzel, Klaus Grotz, Gaby Munz
  • photography:
    Olaf Bender
  • programming:
    Christina Däsler, Stefan Kraus, Andreas Bauer, Timo Günthner, Stefan Buck, Kai Vogel, Ralph Dors, Robert Schaller, Jürgen Schley, Susanna Schneider