Red Dot Design Award

Apivita Natural Soaps

Apivita Natural Soaps | Red Dot Design Award

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Since soap bars were Apivita’s first products in the natural cosmetics market launched over 30 years ago, the brand’s new appearance was to remain aligned with their traditional quality product. The relaunch of this packaging design features a retro-modern look that was achieved by combining a black stripe with vibrant colours, making each bar of soap easily distinguishable within the range. The different hues, together with the black lines, create an interesting array of patterns when placed together on display. In addition, text banners communicate the tradition of the brand.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Apivita, Athens
  • Design:
    dkd, Athens
  • creative direction:
    Petros Dimopoulos
  • graphic design:
    Konstantina Vezou, Anastasia Nadali
Apivita Natural Soaps | Red Dot Design Award