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Promoting itself as an agency that forges new paths, such as in the field of customer communication, the second issue of “APNO Magazine” by the company APPEL NOWITZKI centres on the topic of the zeitgeist. Through inspiring articles, the agency introduces itself in an appealing manner. Designed in analogy to the medium of a newspaper, this publication aims at depicting exciting projects and turning readers into followers of the company’s dynamically illustrated development. The two spot colours of bright red and an elegant metallic shade help convey the corporate message of “Showcasing the familiar in a surprising new manner”.

  • Client:
    APPEL NOWITZKI GmbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • Creative Direction:
    Anne Julia Nowitzki
  • Concept:
    Ulf Appel
  • Art Direction:
    Lisa Stein
  • Design:
    APPEL NOWITZKI GmbH, Frankfurt/Main