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With “App Your Future” the energy group innogy provides employees with a digital communication channel to plan their retirement provisions. It serves as a model for transforming face-to-face counselling services into a system using self-service devices. The grid box layout of the start page gives a quick overview of all topics. Interactive counselling videos and the animated pension gap calculator enable an individual provision requirement analysis. The user-specific illustrations ensure that the app is fun to use.

  • Client:
    innogy SE, Essen, Germany
  • Design:
    innogy SE, Essen, Germany, Interactive Pioneers GmbH, Aachen, Germany
  • Design Team:
    Carlo Matic (Chief Executive Officer), Marvin Blase, Dennis Sabelleck, Malaravan Thanabalasingam, Max Widdra, Jelio Dimitrov (FourPlus)
  • Project Team:
    Uwe Tigges (Chief Human Resources Officer), Jörg Paßmann (Team Leader), Thobias Beck, Friedrich Busch, Justine Ensmann, Jürgen Gößling, Stefan Mielzarek, Ulrich Monheim, Matthias Röhrig, Peter Sandner, Anna Scharrenbach, Alexander Stania, Uta Virkus, Sebastian West