Communication Concept

Appeal to vote

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In Germany the proportion of non-voters has more than doubled over the past 20 years, or in absolute numbers, more than 18 million eligible voters did not cast their vote in the 2009 Bundestag elections. This communication concept aims to raise voter participation by placing centre stage the possibility for more active engagement in the democratic process. The graphically and typographically reduced and clear design serves to underline this message by conveying it, for example, on large-scale posters in a reduced colour selection of black and white in the form of brief highlights. The visual presentation with the slogan “Demokratie braucht eine Stimme” (Democracy needs a voice) is also featured on ballot boxes, T-shirts, tables, ballot papers, banners, pens and even tear-off coupons. The design thus expresses the opportunity and the benefits that casting one’s vote in an election bring with in an unpretentious yet insistent manner. Statement by the jury »This work represents an outstanding example of graphic, typographic and photographic communication design that will convince its target group. The entire presentation is highly engaging and well thought out down to the last detail, including the pocket postcards. There are no distracting non-essentials whatsoever, and elements such as billboards and large-scale posters make it a high-impact campaign.«

  • Client:
    Bergische Universität Wuppertal / University of Wuppertal supervising professor Prof. Hans Günter Schmitz
  • Design:
    Johannes Kramer, Wuppertal
  • art direction:
    Johannes Kramer
  • graphic design:
    Johannes Kramer
  • text:
    Johannes Kramer