Red Dot Design Award

Arco – Table Manners

Arco – Table Manners | Red Dot Design Award

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Family business Arco has been making high-quality furniture for more than 100 years, focusing on providing technical innovation and design at a high level. Not being distant and elitist, its creations are made for use on a very human scale. Celebrating the enjoyment of this use with the theme “table manners”, the website shows people who are working hard, fighting, polishing, doing arts and crafts or making love on tables. With a big dose of humour, these split-screen interactive video clips invite website users to control the course of events. Seriously, and yet tongue-in-cheek, the website stages apparent contradictions, yet also invokes that the quality of the Arco products pays off “seriously”. To underline this, the furniture is displayed as appropriate for design products: cleanly and statically. By clicking on the heart, users can easily create their own collection of favourite products. Presented in an entertaining, diversified manner, the website possesses a surprising and discrete design. Statement by the jury »The website of Arco features a highly self-contained appearance. The layout and the choice of colours as well as picture motifs make a perfect match. Another feature, which is quite unusual for a furniture manufacturer, are the humorous film sequences that users can control and even develop further. This piques the interest in and the desire to possess these products.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Arco, Winterswijk
  • Design:
    Fabrique [brands, design & interaction], Delft
  • art direction:
    Sanne Wijbenga
  • concept:
    Ronnie Besseling
  • project management:
    Ebelien Pondaag
  • photography:
    Maurice Heessen
  • animation:
    Marko Kruijer
  • interaction design:
    Rose-Anne Dotinga
Arco – Table Manners | Red Dot Design Award