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Arla Luonto+

Arla Luonto+ | Red Dot Design Award

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Arla Luonto+ is a natural yoghurt sweetened only with fruits and berries. The packaging design is inspired by the awareness that birds tend to catch the ripest and sweetest fruit that nature has to offer. That is why for each flavour a different bird personality was developed and illustrated in a likeable, playful and friendly way. The form and colour of each bird’s body make it easy to tell which type of fruit it represents. The upper edge of the packaging symbolises a stylised canopy of leaves, conveying the product’s closeness to nature.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Arla Foods, Helsinki
  • Design:
    Kuudes Kerros Oy, Helsinki
  • Creative Direction:
    Piëtke Visser
  • Concept:
    Saara Järvinen, Piëtke Visser
  • Graphic Design:
    Taru Moilanen
  • Text:
    Emmi Jalkanen
  • Account Management:
    Tomas Rosenquist
Arla Luonto+ | Red Dot Design Award
Arla Luonto+ | Red Dot Design Award