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Armpit Fire Hose

Armpit Fire Hose | Red Dot Design Award

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Existing fire nozzles (pistol type) are difficult for one fire fighter to control because of the powerful rebound force caused by high water pressure. This hose can only be controlled by the combined effort of three or more firefighters. Existing fire nozzles also has do not provide firefighters with a good grip and control and as such, the direction of the water can fluctuate severely. As an alternative, Armpit Fire Hose is designed to stabilise and counter the rebound force of the water pressure by having it mounted against a fireman’s shoulder. It is further equipped with a circular handle near the front of the hose to give better grip and control. This allows a single fireman to handle one hose with less energy exerted than before – which means that the strength of a team of firemen can be better divided across more fire hoses, thus increasing the overall efficiency of a firefighting mission.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Yeon Tae Kwon, South Korea