Corporate Identity


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The key to the Arper design philosophy is synthesis, harmony, systematic formal rigour and customisation, colour, play and a mindfulness toward the environment. The goal was to extend these values from product design via corporate culture to an integrated communication system that broadcasts a unified, coherent and inspired message to its target audience. The project involved an evolution of the company brand language and corresponding graphic identity. Its aesthetic is pure, refined, playful and pragmatic. The new graphic language uses the building blocks of historical modernism, in particular Helvetica and Futura, in a bold, contemporary way, creating a clear and stable frame to showcase a lyrical and informative narrative about Arper products and culture.

  • Client:
    Arper SPA, Monastier di Treviso
  • Design:
    2X4 Inc., New York Susan Sellers, Dave Yun
  • project management:
    Arper Graphic Design Team