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Art Project #5

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Issue No. 5 of this art project series was developed in collaboration with artist Caro Jost. She created a “streetprints” technique that enables her to use the surface of streets and footpaths to document locations and events on canvas in her own way. In keeping with the relief-like structure of the pictures, an embossed folder comprised of single sheets of paper in different grammages explains the artist’s creative approach and artwork. The UV lacquer applied to the surface spans the arc to the smooth and high-gloss surfaces of the originals.

  • Client: gmbh, Munich
  • Design: gmbh, Munich
  • Creative Direction:
    Frank Wagner
  • Senior Design Direction:
    Sandra Gieseler
  • Art Direction:
    Manuel Rigel
  • Project Management:
    Anna von Eicken Day
  • Production:
    Stefanie Aye
  • Photography:
    Fritz Beck