Channel Corporate Design


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Inspiration and creativity are the main focus of TV station ARTE’s philosophy. This positioning is expressed through its new appearance, the design of which establishes an innovative audio-visual design language that gives preference to imagery and narrative. Calm and poetic elements are combined with dynamic ones, thus challenging the viewer to make new associations. The new corporate design was developed by a European team of artists and designers from the fields of visual, print and online design.

  • Client:
    ARTE G.E.I.E., Strasbourg
  • Design:
    ARTE G.E.I.E., Strasbourg
  • creative direction:
    Ulli Krieg
  • art direction sound:
    Catherine Lagarde, Novaspot
  • composer:
    Laurent Parisi
  • graphic design:
    foremost GmbH
  • art direction design:
    Benjamin Cuènod, foremost gmbh
  • project management:
    Henri Ehrhard
  • film production:
  • film direction:
    Joe Vanhoutteghem