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ARTE EN MOUVEMENT | Red Dot Design Award

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This image film tells a kaleidoscopic story full of fantasy and imagination that changes its settings and scenery in fluent transitions. Set in an idyllic mountain landscape, it shows a girl in a red dress stranding on the shores of a river and how she is found by a group of young people. From the opposite shore, they are closely observed by a boy gang on mountain bikes – and suddenly a surreal hunt begins. The young people, all dressed in white now, run across a green meadow and then drive away in an old bus, carrying suitcases they found on their way. Both airy-fairy and aesthetically choreographed at the same time, the film is accompanied by an original soundtrack, which lends the poetic story a light yet insistent character and a distinctive identity. The end shows the girl in the red dress floating towards the shore and found by the young people – while the boys from the opposite shore hold a big red cloth into the wind, then let go of it and watch it being carried away by the river. Statement by the jury »This image film for TV station ARTE convinces with its choreographically and musically sophisticated production and suits this culture channel extremely well. The sound design transfers the poetic story and presentation into a highly coherent and accentuating sound-scape, thus lending it distinction and recognisability.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    ARTE G.E.I.E., Strasbourg
  • Design:
    ARTE G.E.I.E., Strasbourg
  • creative direction:
    Ulli Krieg
  • art direction sound:
    Catherine Lagarde, Novaspot
  • composer:
    Laurent Parisi
  • project management:
    Henri Ehrhard
  • production:
ARTE EN MOUVEMENT | Red Dot Design Award
ARTE EN MOUVEMENT | Red Dot Design Award
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