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Artways-England is a public art education app designed for Internet users to take lessons based on various well-known artists and galleries from different cities and countries around the world. The app organises and integrates art history and the origins of classical art to allow for in-depth analysis and explanation. Featuring a user-friendly design, it enables users to experience and understand otherwise untouchable masterpieces in art as if they were in front of them. To transmit the concept of beauty more effectively, 3D inter-action controls provide both a quick understanding and professional know-ledge of the art pieces.

  • Design:
    H-1-H Design, Beijing
  • Technical Direction:
    Shuai Wang, Beijing
  • Client:
    MEBO Union Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Beijing
  • Art Direction:
    Haixiang Wu, Changsha
  • Design Direction/Creative Direction:
    Yanliang Dai, Beijing