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Ask an Expert | Red Dot Design Award

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As part of the Samsung Health service offers, “Ask an Expert” constitutes an affordable, convenient way to get qualified medical care anytime, anywhere. It enables online doctor visits, involving a network of top-tier doctors for a wide range of health concerns, and offers an intuitive and seamless experience to provide users with information. Moreover, it presents the option of getting a prescription delivered to a preferred pharmacy and a detailed summary forwarded to the patient’s regular doctor. The arrangement and presentation of visual elements deliver a clear information hierarchy, as well as attractiveness and usability.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Samsung Mobile Experience Lab Samsung Electronics, Mountain View, California, USA
  • Design:
    Samsung Electronics Samsung Research America, Mountain View, California, USA
  • Art Direction:
    Yiwen Mu
  • Interaction Design:
    Tengwen Yang Yi Yang
  • Visual Design:
    Tengwen Hu Joo Hyun Bae
  • Motion Design:
    Danyi Wang Joo Hyun Bae
  • User Research:
    Garth Lewis
Ask an Expert | Red Dot Design Award
Ask an Expert | Red Dot Design Award
Ask an Expert | Red Dot Design Award
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