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Audi car chat

Audi car chat | Red Dot Design Award

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Users like to talk about their new car with friends and family. The Audi car chat is a web application that facilitates the communication between automotive customers and their peer group. It uses the options that the Audi configurator provides, with the selected model, colours and technical details being displayed. After logging in via Facebook, users invite their social network friends to join a discussion about their configuration. They can vote for their favourite equipment, or add to the discussion by attaching images to comments.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
  • Design:
    Andreas Kraft, Das Büro am Draht, Berlin
  • strategic planning:
    Tobias Knebel, Kai Poborski, Maria Nißl
  • concept:
    Fabian Hahn, Peter Kubin, Das Büro am Draht, Berlin
  • programming:
    Lukas Hartmann, Mark Müller, Gerhard Lehmann, Das Büro am Draht, Berlin
Audi car chat | Red Dot Design Award