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Audi Dealer Meeting Barcelona 2015

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As part of the Audi Dealer Meeting in Barcelona 2015 and under the claim “Technology and Personality”, 4,000 international guests were introduced over two days to the future strategies of the car manufacturer. In order to promote this message and stage it in a way that was effective and typical of the brand, the event called for a differentiated coordination of architecture, space elements, furniture and installations. The brand came alive in all the different locations, including at the beach club, in the restaurants, at the racetrack and in the product show halls. The aspect of “technology” was communicated through clean lines and a dynamic design, polygonal bodies, a strong colouring as well as impressively staged Audi models. The aspect of “personality” was communicated through warm and natural materials, with typecast style elements reflecting the spirit of the environment. As a final highlight, the Audi dealers were invited to experience the upcoming product generation in an effectively staged multimedia show.

Statement by the Jury

The powerful concept of this corporate event managed to captivate visitors effectively. In an impressive manner, the concept successfully communicated its clear and easy-to-remember message across five different locations ranging from restaurant to racetrack. A consistently implemented architectural approach has led to stronger brand loyalty characterised by trust.

  • Client:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
  • Concept/Architecture:
  • Concept/Communication:
    MUTABOR Design GmbH
  • Design:
    SCHMIDHUBER, Munich MUTABOR Design GmbH, Hamburg
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