Exhibition Design

Audi Design Challenge 2016

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The design of the “Audi Design Challenge 2016” exhibition was based on a differentiated “light” concept that harmoniously integrates the four categories of product, music, motion graphic and furniture. With the aim of showing the spirit of the challenge, the light from headlights of an Audi vehicle was applied to visualise the key message of “lighten the dark to go forward”. This lighting concept was also used in the context of the exhibition itself for the design of the invitations and giveaways. The prizewinning works of the Audi Design Challenge were highlighted on the illuminated stands.

  • Art Direction:
    Songyi Han, Boryung Park, Jongyel Kim
  • Client:
    AUDI Korea, Seoul, South Korea
  • Design:
    SK Planet, Seoul, South Korea, COW Inspiration Group, Seoul, South Korea, GRISAM, Seoul, South Korea
  • Project Management:
    Kyungsoo Hwang, Hyojin Yoon, Kwanghee Jung