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Audi magazine

Audi magazine | Red Dot Design Award

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The relaunched “Audi magazine” app has replaced its four issues a year with a blog-like approach. As it can now be streamed, there is no need to download large amounts of data. The three core principles of the “Audi magazine” – opulent visuals, sophisticated texts and innovative design – also characterise the app. It has, however, been adapted for new media. Readers can select individual articles, read them as scroll-down content, access images and other media with a tap of the finger and share all content on social media platforms.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
  • Design:
    loved gmbh, Hamburg
  • Creative Direction:
    Mieke Haase, Rouven Steinke
  • Art Direction:
    Imke Jurok, Julia-Christin Holtz, Julia Kerschbaum
  • Graphic Design:
    Kim Arendt
  • Strategic Planning:
    Peter Matz
Audi magazine | Red Dot Design Award
Audi magazine | Red Dot Design Award